Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Solaire’s Finest Treats: Finestra

Italian desserts can be considered as romantic and smooth and Solaire’s signature Italian restaurant, Finestra gives us an exceptional treat. Their resident Chef, Salvatore de Vicentis presented us with two of his finest creations – gelato trio of Homemade Nutella gelato with biscotti crumbs and candied walnuts, Homemade Strawberry coconut gelato with strawberry coulis and pistachio biscotti, and Homemade Mascarpone Gelato and the rich and creamy Panna Cotta.

Homemade Nutella gelato with biscotti crumbs and candied walnuts

Homemade Strawberry coconut gelato with strawberry coulis and pistachio biscotti

Homemade Mascarpone Gelato

Gelato is Italy’s version of the ice cream but theirs is finer and creamier. Finestra’s Chef Salvatore outdid himself with this winning gelato combination. The Nutella is a sure favorite of both chocolate loving kids and adults. The garnishing of biscotti crumbs and candied walnuts provided wonderful texture to the smooth and creamy gelato. This gelato sampler easily filled us to the brim especially if you have to finish all the flavor creations.

But you cannot ignore Chef Salvatore’s next dessert creation – the Vanilla Panna Cotta. I’ve tried other similar desserts but Finestra’s version was made with coffee cream and served in a delightful bowl with a slice of chocolate biscotti. This bittersweet dessert must be his masterpiece and a sure winner for coffee lovers. It is sweet and creamy with a tinge of bitterness. You truly can never say no to these Italian desserts!

Vanilla Panna Cotta

Solaire’s Finest Treats: Yakumi Japanese Restaurant

We all love Japanese foods – sushi, maki, tempura, ramen and of course, Japanese desserts! Solaire’s Best Dessert Experience brought us to their signature Japanese Restaurant, Yakumi to sample their unique creations. Chef Norimasa Kosaka warmly welcomes diners and proudly presented two of his dessert masterpieces – the Mango and Guyabano Ice Cream and the Wasabi Panna Cotta.

Ice creams are great choices because it is perfect for the sizzling summer season. Mango and Guyabano flavors were truly refreshing and makes you feel energized to battle Manila’s hot temperature! Guyabano ice cream was a tad sour but the Mango flavored one was sweet and delicious! These ice cream sherbet were served with black sesame cookies and plated on a simple dark serving dish. It was rather intriguing and interesting.

On the other hand, the Wasabi Panna Cotta was creamy and smooth. I find this dessert really intriguing. I was not very fond of wasabi and having it as a main ingredient in a dessert sets me back off automatically. However, I was tempted to try it out soon as I’ve seen the presentation. It doesn’t look scary, in fact, it looked really yummy. Though the wasabi was a bit overwhelming, this dessert still is something that you should really try out. 

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