Friday, January 31, 2014

Hassle Free Shift to A Healthier Routine

Just after the holidays, you hear lots of people complaining about how they gained wait in the last couple of months. The festive season makes eating so easy even if you already know some of it will not be good for your body or your health. Soon as the season fades, many search for ways to win back their pre-holiday weight and body. And my family is no different than most. I see my husband checking out online shops like Zalora,for sport equipment he can use for his new fitness routine.

Thank goodness for convenient and hassle free online stores such as Zalora, we can find something that we need even if we are busy with our work and don’t have time to go to the mall. They have a wide range of brands that you can choose from. My husband ordered his new running shoes during his break time and got the package two days after. Soon as his free time comes, he’s sprints his way out of the office for a test run. He’s on his way to a fitter physique so me and my kids also followed suit and choose comfortable sportswear from an online store so we can also start jogging during weekends. We can’t wait for our orders to arrive and start a fitness routine with the family.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Barbie Cake for Alexa's 4th Birthday

A friend of mine asked if I have an old photo for Alexa's 4th birthday cake. Her daughter will turn 7 years old soon and she particularly like a Barbie themed party. So of course the cake should coincide with the theme. So for her, I am posting it here :

For her 4th birthday, I wanted the Barbie in black and pink color only and as expected, it came out just as beautiful as I was thinking about it. Thanks to Ph Bakehouse by Iris. If you want to have a personalized themed cake, try to visit her Facebook page. 

The happy celebrant in her school party celebration!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Chowkids at Chowking

We suddenly had the urged to eat at Chowking yesterday noon. So without preparation - di na nagbihis - we went to Chowking Molino for a quick lunch. The kids ordered the  Chinese style fried chicken, price is at Php 79.00 only and the size of the chicken is quite huge! Not bad for the price. 

While we had sweet and sour pork lauriat for Php 159.00. A big lunch for me actually, not so good for my diet. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dinner Date at Izakaya Japanese Restaurant

Hubby invited me for dinner last night. We sneaked out of the house quietly so the kids will not make a fuss. One kid noticed us and we told him that we will just go for a walk. Off we went to the Japanese Resto at Molino Blvd.

Salmon sashimi is my favorite among Japanese food. Maybe even my ultimate fave among all the food. I simply love the freshest catch of salmon. Yummy! Every time I go for buffet food, I always stuffed my plate with this. :) 

Side View of the Salmon. Just to document all angles, so when I am craving for this, I should just look at this post. Price is Php 200.00

Another favorite : California Maki (Php 200.00) I guess this is the most popular Maki. 

and Ramen. (Php 200.00)

and last, the happy ME getting ready for my first munch! I look so bland - no makeup whatsoever! 

We spent around Php 800.00. Not bad for the price! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Craving for Ginamos

This is our Ginamos from Dumaguete. We mixed with tomatoes, onions and chili. Its a perfect partner for mixed vegetables in this cool and windy weather. Guess what, I shared this ginamos photo on Facebook and at least 50 Facebook friends liked the Photo and at least 20 commented! Most of them are already outside working/staying outside the country. They simply miss this food. 

If Korean has Kimchi. Filipino has Ginamos for Visayan, Bagoong Isda for Tagalog. :)

This is the typical vegetables we love when the weather is cool. Its nice to sip soup with fresh vegetables cooked without any meat nor oil inside. A healthy food indeed!

A Hearty Breakfast

To die for breakfast for me - ginataang gulay with dried fish PLUS corn. What else can I ask for?

This is a typical farm / provincial  food  that I always want to eat. Even if we eat these also in the city but the feeling while eating them in the province is heaven!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My First Lazada Puchase: Standard Pressure Cooker

I review Lazada in one of my blog, in return I got a Php 1,000 Gift Voucher which I can use to purchase an item at Lazada. I wanted to use it to buy for a tablet for the kids but ended ordering a pressure cooker so we can cook beef and pork easily. We are a carnivorous family so I guess this is a must in our kitchen. It would save so much gas when we use pressure cooker. 

After discount, this pressure cooker is only around Php 900.00. Since the amount didn't reach the minimum Php 1,000 to avail of the free shipping, so upon check out shipping fee was added. Then as advised, have to put the voucher in the space provided for, but somehow - something went wrong because the gift check was not used up. In the end, the whole amount with shipping came out as the total amount due.

I informed the person who gave me the voucher and she said she'll inform the Customer Service, but anyway, the delivery truck came and handed me over the Php 1,098 bill due. 

Instead of using up the voucher, I ended up paying the whole amount. Lesson learned. Check first before check out! I will just check for another item soon.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lalaloopsy Cake for Alexa's 5th Birthday

This is the cake requested by our princess for her 5th birthday in school. With cake, I only rely for Sis Iris of Ph Bakehouse. I only tell her the theme and the favorite color and she'll deliver the cake in exquisite design. And of course, as always very delicious! As expected, another fast and smooth transaction. Thank you Sissie!

A close up photo of the lalaloopsy. Sorry, but I am not so familiar with this dolls. My princess just requested for it.

Side photo. See how detailed the design? So nice right?

For the food, we ordered Mcdo's Chicken and Spaghetti Meal with Sunkist juice. No giveaways given this time as not enough budget. lol.. lets hope for next year princess!At least you got the real Lalaloopsy doll as a gift.

Food Trip at Tempurahan, Boulevard, Dumaguete

After carnival ride at the Capitol, we headed to the Tempurahan section at Boulevard, Dumaguete. Our suki there is Mingoy. If you will be in the area, try to look for him too. He is kind and friendly, not to mention fast in serving the food.

Here are the photos of the 3 brothers. I dont know what happen to this photo but somehow there is a snow effect. I wonder why it turned out like this - but anyway I love it!

Here comes the first set of our orders.

Balut is not really my favorite but I eat everytime there is an opportunity. In our area in Cavite, its seldom that I encounter balut, so for our late snack - I ordered 2 balut.

After eating our dinner, the boys were already happy!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Adobong Kambing

After eating a lot of pork, beef and chicken over the Christmas holidays, I am now craving for a spicy Adobong Kambing. This photo was taken just before we left for our holiday in Dumaguete and now drooling over this photo. 

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