Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lomi On A Cold Rainy Wednesday

Rain, rain go away come again another day!! This is the favorite song of my girl and she was singing this song on the way to the canteen.

Since its semestral break for our kiddos, they are always with me when I come to the office. I was told that they want to do some work but actually they just want to mess around. Lol
Anyway, try this lomi from Neng. Its so perfect for a cold and rainy Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Brunch at Brothers Burger

I had my late brunch today at Brothers Burger. For a few days, I was really craving  for a burger and was lucky to have found the place in Magallanes while looking for parking.

The All American Cheeseburger is their latest offering - and since the menu looks so delish - I ordered it and yeah true enough, its really massive and delicious.

Must-Try Filipino Cuisines

Filipino cuisines are delicious and yummy. With the mouth-watering appeal and spices on it, it will surely leave your taste buds satisfied. If you are new or already into Filipino food, then let’s just do a brief recap to excite your senses.

·         Silog. The silogs are mainly composed of fried rice and egg. This meal becomes more exciting as other dishes are mixed in such as hotdog, corned beef, and tapa. For every combination, a new term is now given such as hotsilog, cornsilog, and tapsilog.
·         Lechon. Who will not crave for the national dish of the Filipino? Lechon is without a doubt tasty and flavorful especially its crispy and flavorful skin
·         Adobo. This dish may seem common to every household. However, your food experience can be more exciting if you add a twist on it. You can either have it sweet or spicy.
Without a doubt, Filipino cuisines are rich and truly amazing. In every bite, it will excite and satisfy your taste buds.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Feast of Senses at Lantaw Floating Restaurant

The Queen City of the South is popular not only for its people and culture, they also have a long list of restaurants that will give you a unique gastronomic experience. A trip to Cordova will give you a different perspective of Cebu City and it is best viewed from Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant. “Lantaw” is a Cebuano term that means “to gaze from afar” and at this resto, you get a truly nice view of the sea, the sky and the city.

Sometimes, it is hard to find a perfect dining spot where you can simply enjoy the view and praise the food. Lantaw offers both these to diners who wish to sample Filipino Native dishes without digging a hole in their pockets. It’s relaxing vibe will propel you to go for a seafood feast and you won’t regret it because you’ll have only the freshest catch cooked perfectly to sate any cravings. Some of their popular offerings include Sweet Chili Crablets, Tuna Belly, Sinugba and many other Pinoy Favorites. Your Lantaw dining experience should be paired with Cordova Cooler – a delicious mix of orange, watermelon and calamansi. Then complete it all a heavenly bite of Lantaw’s Bibingka Cake ala mode and you will surely swear to visit this restaurant whenever you are in Cebu!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cafe Sarree: Cebu City Comfort Eats

Cebu City is well known for it’s various dining destinations. I assume you have heard about the Zugbuchon, the Larsians and the amazing view and food choices at Lantaw Floating Restaurant. But there is more in Cebu than just lechon and sugbo and native dishes. Head out to Cafe Sarree, a relatively new food joint at Escario Central Mall and you’ll be surprised at how much you are actually missing out.

Cafe Sarree is a small and cozy restaurant with modern yet intimate feel. This is the place you go when you want to celebrate or simply bond with your family and friends. They have a huge selection of foods that you won’t easily find anywhere so it’s truly refreshing to check their menu. So we tried the Mushroom soup, the Southern Style Glazed Belly and the Lamb Adobo and we could not find anything to say except that they are superbly cooked! We were so happy with our dining experience at Cafe Sarree and decided that we will come back again to try out their famed breakfast options. 

The food are all affordably priced and each peso you spend here will be truly well worth it. 

Below are some of the delectable dishes that you can try:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5 Best Indian Restaurants in Manila

Indian cuisines are lip smacking. If you are into satisfying your taste buds with a variety of delectable food, then the Indian cuisines should be included in your must-try list. Speaking of which, you can find and take delight on Indian’s dishes from the 5 best Indian restaurants in Manila.

Before you hit an Indian restaurant of your choice, you must take a bit of insight about Indian cuisines. For a fact, Indian food is inclined to “spicy’ category. In view of this, when you get by to an Indian restaurant, be sure to order a dish with the level of spice you can bear on.

Now for the highlight, here are the 5 best Indian restaurants in Manila in no particular order.

1. Maharajas Kababs

If you are craving for tasty dishes, you can find a range of choices at Maharajas Kababs situated in 405 Pablo Ocampo st Corner Dungon st San Antonio Village, Makati City. This restaurant features a variety of simple dishes using beef, chicken, and lamb. Shawarma, Samosa, and many more are also offered.

2. Legend of India

This is a newly bloomed Indian restaurant situated at 114B Jupiter Street, Bel-Air II, Makati City. The appeal and ambiance of this restaurant is quiet cozy because it has a mini-bar inside, a store for desserts, and many more. More importantly, your taste buds will not get bored venturing their Indian dishes.

3. Queens. The Queens is one fine Indian restaurant you can find in town. Bhiryani rice and curry lamb are just some of the recipes you can delight on. Another great thing about this restaurant is the great dining atmosphere that you will enjoy with your family or friends. If you want to pay a visit to this restaurant, you can visit 146-B Jupiter Street Makati City.

4. Ziggurat

The Ziggurat is located at Sunette Tower, Durban Street Corner, Makati Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City. It brought the tasty dishes from India to the Philippines such as ziggurat Grilled Stuffed Vegetables, Tutmaj, and Moussaka.

5. Maharaja Restaurant

In South Mall of Manila, you can find the Maharaja Restaurant. You can delight your taste buds with the flavor and aroma of the North Indian food. In this restaurant, both the service and food are of quality.

Without a doubt, the Indian restaurants in Manila have brought the heavenly and appetizing experience of Indian cuisines. For food enthusiasts, this is definitely a must-try tasty venture.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dining Out – It Doesn’t Automatically Mean You’ll Be Eating Empty Calories

Sometimes it seems like there’s a never-ending parade of newspaper and TV reports on the dangers of eating out.  Many of these reports focus on fast food restaurants and the huge number of calories in just one of their hamburgers.  By the time you add in a soft drink and some French fries, all of a sudden the calories have piled up to more than you should consume for the entire day.  And many of them are nutritionally empty calories, not wholesome sources of the energy your body needs.

Fortunately, not all Chicago restaurants serve foods that are nutritionally empty but packed with calories like fast food burgers and fries.  Many of the city’s restaurants serve tasty but nutritious dishes, and a lot of them feature several “lighter fare” or low calorie items on their menus.  That’s why dining out doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be eating lots of nutritionally empty calories. 

Of all the Polish restaurants Chicago has to offer (and believe me, there are a lot!), I’ve always thought that Olivia’s Taste Polish Restaurant has one of the largest selections of “light” menu items.  The authentic Polish dishes that Olivia’s serves will have you leaving the restaurant happy and with a satisfied belly, but not weighed down by empty calories like you would be at some Chicago restaurants, fast food and otherwise.  And several of Olivia’s lighter dishes will help you satisfy your taste buds even though you’re eating healthy, wholesome, delicious food.

More and more people are looking for lighter items on restaurant menus.  This trend is probably partially fueled by all the newspaper and TV reports on the unhealthy foods being sold by many fast food restaurants.  Olivia’s Taste Polish Restaurant serves a filling but healthy meal-size Chicken Caesar Salad which includes lettuce, grilled chicken (not fried like you might find at some other places) parmesan cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing.  If that particular salad doesn’t sound appealing, you could always order Olivia’s meal-size Garden Salad at the same price.  It comes with lettuce, tomato, olives, feta cheese, red onions and dressing.

If you want a really light meal, you could opt for one of the soups that are specialties at Olivia’s Taste Polish Restaurant.  The soups on the menu every day include white borsch with Polish sausage/kielbasa (probably not the most dietetic choice), tripe soup, chicken soup and sauerkraut soup.  Besides those soups, Olivia’s also features a “Soup of the Day,” which rotates between pickle soup, tomato soup, bean soup, vegetable soup, Ukrainian borsch, red borsch with stuffed dumplings (meat or mushrooms) and mushroom soup.  No matter which one you choose it will be delicious.  I dare you to find that many choices at the other Polish restaurants Chicago offers.

Friday, May 2, 2014

5 Best Desserts in Metro Manila

Always leave room for dessert. When eating out, we are usually overwhelmed by the good food laid down before us and become too full to take a bite of any luscious treat that comes after the meal. Well, not me, it is no secret how much I love desserts and sweet treats so I already made them a mandatory part of daily life. Eating dessert also means that you know what you want and you trust yourself enough to honor your cravings. Desserts also gives us that sense of bliss and by eating dessert after meals, you allow yourself to value pleasure – and it makes you feel real good about everything!

But when asked what my favorite dessert is, I probably won’t be able to give a concrete answer. I have a very long list of best dessert places I have tried and here are some places where you might also find your bliss –

1. Yakumi’s Wasabi Panna Cotta

From the moment you walked into Yakumi, you will be thoroughly impressed by the layout and the elegance of Solaire Resort and Casino’s signature Japanese Restaurant. For some, it may be quite intimidating, but you will be surprised at how affordable their prices are for such excellence in quality. From the freshest seafood creations such as tempura and sashimi to Robatayaki and Teriyaki and to their unique world-class desserts, Yakumi will surely give you an incredible dining experience.

Yakumi’s Wasabi Panna Cotta makes it on my best desserts in the metro because of its unique ingredients and taste. Wasabi is commonly used for sashimi and sushi. It has an overpowering taste and smell, so when combined to create an interestingly unique dessert, you won’t really believe how it could taste so good. It took me some time to adjust to its taste and it became the perfect finish to an enjoyable Japanese feast!

2. Finestra’s Gelato Trio

Gelato is Italy’s creamy and smoother version of the popular ice cream, and for many it makes no difference at all. But wait until you have tried Solaire Resort and Casino’s Finestra Gelatos. This signature Italian restaurant gives us an excellent choice and gelato flavors to please every picky taste bud – the Homemade Nutella Gelato with Biscotti Crumbs and Candied Walnuts, Homemade Strawberry Coconut gelato with strawberry coulis and pistacio, Homemade Vanilla with Mascarpone Cheese Gelato. If you have ever heard someone say “It soo good, you’ll forget your name eating it,” it is the same experience you’ll get with this dessert! So make sure you write your name before you try out Finestra’s Gelato!

3. Red Lantern’s Chilled Osmanthus Flower and Wolfberries with Aloe Vera

Even if you feel awfully full, there are still dessert choices that can cleanse your palate and make you feel good about your meal. The Chilled Osmanthus Flower and Wolfberries with Aloe Vera is another uniquely light dessert creation from one of Solaire Resort and Casino’s finest restaurants – the Red Lantern.  You will be more pleased to know that this Chinese concoction is also filled with health benefits in every spoonful. A serving of this dessert will not give you any guilt-feelings, just pure pleasure, bliss and good health!

4. Royal Touch Apple Duchess Cupcake

Photo Credit: Foodspotting

Moving away from Solaire Resorts and Casino, I find cupcakes to be a convenient and handy way to satisfy any sweet cravings. The Apple Duchess Cupcake from the Royal Touch in SM Aura Premier is fluffy, moist and absurdly delicious!

5. Café Adriatico’s Ensaymada and Quezo de Bola

Cheese and wine go very well together after a hearty meal that is why in this modern times, cheese remains to be a top ingredient in different dessert choices. Ensaymada, a Filipino favorite delightfully rediscovered in Café Adtriatico’s Ensaymada and Quezo de Bola dessert combination.  It can be enjoyed after a meal or you can have it with a cup of hot chocolate for a completely blissful moment.

Buffet Restaurant in Solaire - FRESH

Buffet restaurants have become a trend in the Metro and Solaire Resort and Casino has their very own signature buffet place – Fresh! They serve Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and Continental dishes. You have unlimited choices of appetizers, pastries, breads and a lot more! Resident Chef Reyes proudly presented two of his dessert creations that rivals those of Solaire’s other signature restaurant – our very own Halo-Halo and the Solaire Signature Chocolate Cake.

The Halo-halo is a popular Filipino summer treat but Fresh elevated it to a higher level. It has macapuno strips, nata de coco, ube spread, bananas, buko pandan like the usual. What made it really unique iare the pandan flavored finely shaved ice, guyabano parfaif, leche flan and yema! Among the Halo-halo’s in the country, Fresh creation is one of the best!


Another sweet and all-time favorite dessert creation that you can find in Solaire’s Fresh is the Solaire Signature Chocolate Cake. It is made with layers of rich flourless cake and filled with yummy caramel-chocolate mousse, croustillant cookie crisp and delicious cocoa gel. It has a bitter chocolate finish with gold flakes with makes it look fabulously elegant. You cannot find a Chocolate Cake richer and more decadent than this!

Solaire Signature Chocolate Cake

 Look at these large selections of yummy desserts:

Solaire's Strip Steakhouse Desserts

I love steaks and being invited into one of the finest steakhouse in the country is quite overwhelming. Strip Steakhouse is one of Solaire Resort and Casino’s popular signature restaurant in the area. It promises to serve only the finest so with expectation held high, we met Strip’s resident chef, Eric Turgeon for a taste of his sweet creations.

Steak can be so filling, so it was only understandable to have a light yet tasty dessert selection to finish a savory meal. Chef Eric’s Strawberries and Cream and Dark Chocolate Mousse may sound like your regular cake servings, but wait until you get served. His Strawberries and Cream comes plated artfully in a crescent shape is a collection of fresh strawberries, short bread crumble, dry meringue and a dash of creamy Chantilly.

Strawberries and Cream

On the other hand, the Dark Chocolate Mouse came in a mix of light and airy chocolate mousse, torched banana, caramel sand and roasted macadamia nuts. I love caramel and being able to experience such special ingredients such as the caramel sand with light chocolate mousse and that macadamia foam was truly heavenly! Who could ever imagine that simply named-desserts can be served in such opulence and impressive quality?! Strip’s simple but unique desserts is a must try!

Portion only of Dark Chocolate Mousse

1 order of Dark Chocolate Mousse

Chef Eric Turgeon working on his delicious creations:

Visit Strip at below address:

Solaire Resort & Casino
1 Asean Avenue, Entertainment City
Paranaque City 1701
Metro Manila, Philippines

Solaire's Red Lantern Chinese Restaurant

Solaire Resorts and Casino’s do know that people crave differently. So their signature Chinese Restaurant has their own unique and authentic menu that will tickle any hungry senses. Their extensive menu offer more variety and choices for any group of diners. Some dishes may sound familiar to you but don’t be surprised to find something unusual yet excitingly wonderful when they are served in your table. Their resident chef, Lo Ka Cheung Sam also featured two uniquely exciting dessert masterpieces.

Chinese are known to serve food with herbal and health benefits to and the Chilled Osmanthus Flower and Wolfberries with Aloe Vera is no different. Osmanthus Flowers have known antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties while Chinese Wolfberries are said to be rich in anti-oxidants that gives anti-aging and cancer-fighting effects. This dessert is light and refreshingly healthy!

Chilled Osmanthus Flower and Wolfberries with Aloe Vera - Php 200.00

His next dessert creation is a creamy and steamy sweet concoction called the Glutinous Rice Balls with Red Bean Cream. It is served hot  and may also be eaten as a snack. The glutinous rice balls are filled with sesame seeds and reminiscent of our very own palitaw. Add the sweet red bean cream and you get something that is quite like the Filipino “Ginataang Bilo-bilo” but here’s a lighter, creamier and better version.  

Glutinous Rice Balls with Red Bean Cream - Php 200.00

Filled with Sesame Seeds

So the next time you crave for Chinese food, visit Red Lantern at Solaire Resort & Casino .



Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Solaire’s Finest Treats: Finestra

Italian desserts can be considered as romantic and smooth and Solaire’s signature Italian restaurant, Finestra gives us an exceptional treat. Their resident Chef, Salvatore de Vicentis presented us with two of his finest creations – gelato trio of Homemade Nutella gelato with biscotti crumbs and candied walnuts, Homemade Strawberry coconut gelato with strawberry coulis and pistachio biscotti, and Homemade Mascarpone Gelato and the rich and creamy Panna Cotta.

Homemade Nutella gelato with biscotti crumbs and candied walnuts

Homemade Strawberry coconut gelato with strawberry coulis and pistachio biscotti

Homemade Mascarpone Gelato

Gelato is Italy’s version of the ice cream but theirs is finer and creamier. Finestra’s Chef Salvatore outdid himself with this winning gelato combination. The Nutella is a sure favorite of both chocolate loving kids and adults. The garnishing of biscotti crumbs and candied walnuts provided wonderful texture to the smooth and creamy gelato. This gelato sampler easily filled us to the brim especially if you have to finish all the flavor creations.

But you cannot ignore Chef Salvatore’s next dessert creation – the Vanilla Panna Cotta. I’ve tried other similar desserts but Finestra’s version was made with coffee cream and served in a delightful bowl with a slice of chocolate biscotti. This bittersweet dessert must be his masterpiece and a sure winner for coffee lovers. It is sweet and creamy with a tinge of bitterness. You truly can never say no to these Italian desserts!

Vanilla Panna Cotta

Solaire’s Finest Treats: Yakumi Japanese Restaurant

We all love Japanese foods – sushi, maki, tempura, ramen and of course, Japanese desserts! Solaire’s Best Dessert Experience brought us to their signature Japanese Restaurant, Yakumi to sample their unique creations. Chef Norimasa Kosaka warmly welcomes diners and proudly presented two of his dessert masterpieces – the Mango and Guyabano Ice Cream and the Wasabi Panna Cotta.

Ice creams are great choices because it is perfect for the sizzling summer season. Mango and Guyabano flavors were truly refreshing and makes you feel energized to battle Manila’s hot temperature! Guyabano ice cream was a tad sour but the Mango flavored one was sweet and delicious! These ice cream sherbet were served with black sesame cookies and plated on a simple dark serving dish. It was rather intriguing and interesting.

On the other hand, the Wasabi Panna Cotta was creamy and smooth. I find this dessert really intriguing. I was not very fond of wasabi and having it as a main ingredient in a dessert sets me back off automatically. However, I was tempted to try it out soon as I’ve seen the presentation. It doesn’t look scary, in fact, it looked really yummy. Though the wasabi was a bit overwhelming, this dessert still is something that you should really try out. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Buko Pandan

Craving for some sweets, here is what I found in the refrigerator. Buko pandan made by Mama Lorna in Dumaguete. So yummy and creamy - forced my kids to eat one spoonful each  but finished one tupperware in an instant!  Lol

Monday, March 10, 2014

Lets Start a Healthy Eating Habit

 A quick google search on the Internet for “healthy eating habit” will give you about 4,820,000 links.  This article though offers a guide and a stern warning to the wealth of suggestions that you will consider to improve your eating habit.

Avoid Fad Diets
Fad diets would ask you to deprive yourself of certain nutrient that your body needs. And although these types of diet will give you instant results, the benefits are only temporary and they will prove to be unhealthy in the long run. Ajinomoto’s resident Culinary Nutritionist Manelie Cruz warns, “You should avoid fad diets. Always remember that the best diet is something that will influence your long term health prospect.

Good Nutrition = expensive?
Most people believe that they have to spend much to be able to eat or serve a healthy meal. But with a little effort in the kitchen, you will discover that preparing healthy home-cooked meals is still the most convenient and economical way to sustain a healthy diet.

Healthy or delicious?
Imagine holding the healthiest but the most horrible-tasting plate of food. It may be possible for you to eat a plateful, but you, much less your kids, would not be able to keep doing it every meal.

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) believes that making truly delicious meals remain to be the best course to a life of wellness. Taste need not be sacrificed for health’s sake and vice-versa. Recently, APC launched “My Eat Well, Live Well® Plate” during the Ajinomoto® Umami Culinary Challenge to show that healthy dishes can be tasty and affordable too. This is in line with the company’s culinary nutrition advocacy, which is about creating delectable and nourishing meals by cooking with culinary confidence and nutrition alertness.


My Eat Well, Live Well® Plate
My Eat Well, Live Well® Plate is a plating method that visually represents the recommended measurement or proportion of each food group. It is also a guide on how to choose, cook and serve healthy food ingredients. Here are the components of My Eat Well, Live Well® Plate:

1)    Vibrant-colored vegetables: refers to variety of colorful vegetables which are the major source of vitamins and minerals in the diet
2)    Fresh fruits: refers to fruits that contain more nutrients but lesser calories.
3)    Healthy carbs: refers to healthy choices of carbohydrates that are also high in fiber and other nutrients. Not only limited to rice but also other choices like root crops and corn.
4)    Good quality protein: refers to safe and quality meat or fish during purchase and after cooking
5)    Healthy beverages: refers to drinking water or other low calorie beverages packed with vitamins, minerals and/or other essential nutrients rather than just sugar.

Counting colors
Take a photo of your plate and count the colors; My Eat Well, Live Well® Plate encourages variety by requiring each plate to have at least 5 colors. This concept can be likened to the Japanese Bento Box with defined color groups for balance nutrition.

In an effort to promote the practice of My Eat Well, Live Well® Plate, the young culinarians competing at the Ajinomoto® Umami Culinary Challenge were requested to create their own versions of the My Eat Well, Live Well® Plate for PhP 50.00 or less. 25 school teams were able to produce their versions of the My Eat Well, Live Well® Plate, proving to all that healthy meals can be delicious and affordable.

Get on with the program and enjoy your own version of My Eat Well, Live Well® Plate!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Family Lunch at Chic-Boy V Central Mall

Saturday is our schedule for grocery shopping. Before going to Puregold, we had lunch at Chic-boy, the favorite place for my boys! There are 2 branches of Chic-boy near our area but the one in 678 seems to closing down. We went there last Friday supposedly to eat dinner but was closed, so we instead ate at Jollibee.

Francis ordered Chicken with Spaghetti today (Php 90.00 - USD 2.00). The chicken is quite small compared to other fast food chain. He commented that the spaghetti is salty. 

Chris ordered CB-4 Inihaw na Liempo Meal (grilled pork with rice) priced at Php 115.00 - USD2.55). As always, he finished his meal with 2 extra servings of rice. Of course - this is his favorite meal!

Alexa wanted Halo Halo only but ordered her spaghetti which she happily accepted. (Php 45.00/USD 1) But still, she ate half of the portion only!

For hubby and me, we had 2 orders of  CB-2 Inasal Petso (chicken at Php 99.00 /USD 2.20).

One order of Gising Gising - a mixed vegetables (Php 55.00/USD 1.22)

Calamares - (Php 140.00 /USD 3.11)

Chic-Boy is still a nice place to dine if you are looking for an affordable yet satisfying meals. Their popular  Chibog Busog Meals or CB Meals  are the following:

  • CB 1 Chicken Inasal (paa)
  • CB 2 Chicken Inasal (petso)
  • CB 3 Pork Barbeque
  • CB 4 Inihaw na Liempo
  • CB 5 Cebu Lechon Manok
  • CB 6 Cebu Lechon Liempo
CB Meal come with unlimited rice and a house soup!

Web         :   http://www.chic-boy.com.ph
Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/chicboyph
Twitter      :  https://twitter.com/OfficialChicboy

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