Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Korean Restaurant Appetizers

When you dine at any Korean Restaurant, prior to serving your ordered food, it always comes with different kind of appetizers. So after a very hectic schedule, we decided to eat out at a Korean restaurant in Libis.

Here are some of the common appetizers:

Kimchi - spicy Chinese cabbage


Sweetened dilis


Green vegetable:


Our main course:

Bibimbap: rice with raw beef and some veggies with chili paste and some meat grilled at the table with some fresh veges.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cooking Equipment

I was away for 2 weeks and pretty busy the moment  I arrived in Manila. There were plenty of open issues to attend to thus I could not attend to the house needs. Anyway, I was told that we need a new cooking pans. I have been planning to buy new plates as well as we have been using our Melamine plates for like 5 years already. I cant believed that long! Its pretty old and "gasgas" already.

With 3 growing up kids, I purposely didn't buy expensive plates as they will anyway break it but I guess now that they are older and aware of what are breakable and what nots, its high time to upgrade to something nice.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Carol the Carrot and Tiny Tree Tops

Vegetables are the hardest foods to introduce to toddlers and kids. These days, it is difficult to teach kids to eat healthy vegetables and fruits. One of my friends has this major dilemma on how will she teach her toddler son to start liking or simply have a taste of the vegetables she serves. One of the advices given to her by one of our friends is to play imagine with her kids and start giving names to some popular vegetables like the carrots, potatoes, lettuce, squash and broccoli. She said she also gave silly and sometimes hero like characteristics to these veggies to make her kids interested in eating them. I also tried it and called that orange root the x-ray vision carrots and I happily watched my son’s eyes light up and devour his meal!

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