Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cooking For the Family

Cooking for the family is one of the very important chores most mother loves doing at home. They want to see and hear the laughter of their family members while consuming her signature recipes. Aside from filling in their tummies, mothers are also helping their kids in performing many other things at home and in school too.

Communication with the kids while in school is very important for the mothers to monitor their safety that is why each of them has its own cellular phone. Instead of replacing a new cellular phone unit when the battery is weak, buying samsung cell phone batteries can be a better alternative. It can be considered as a good investment for the moms to be sure that their kids can be reached anytime.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Different Food Choices

 Food is the word that when mentioned, can easily get every one’s attention. The choice of food varies according to the taste, preference and lifestyle of an individual. The state of a person’s health depends on the manner he chooses his food. A delicious and well-cooked food can create a positive atmosphere within the family or in any special occasion. There can be a lot of different food choices and sometimes cultural differences and practices also play a big role too. Meat such as beef, pork, and chicken are usually some of the common choices for food. On the other hand, health – conscious and weight – conscious individuals preferred to have fish, vegetables, pasta and bread as part of their daily meals.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cutting Edge Cutlery

Professional chefs and amateur cooks know that top quality cutlery is an investment that will pay for itself time and time again. When you buy a knife from a top brand such as JA Henckels cutlery you are investing in a quality piece of equipment that will serve you well. A good chef knows each knife in his or her arsenal of kitchen cutlery has a specific purpose and can help to not only make food preparation easier but actually improve both the appearance and the flavor of the dish.


When you are slicing, dicing or mincing food you don’t want to use a dull knife that will mash or flatten the food; crisp, sharp cuts and slices are critical to maintaining flavor and appearance. If you have ever set out to slice a ripe tomato with the wrong knife you are no doubt familiar with the less than pleasant results – a bruised and flattened tomato, spurts of seeds and juice and misshapen slices are the unfortunate outcome. That’s why a good quality tomato knife is a worthwhile investment and a pleasure to use.

Similarly if you are serving steak it’s a wise idea to put a steak knife at every place setting so that friends and family can cut and savor each juicy morsel. Perhaps you’ve been at a party where a cheese plate was proffered but no proper cheese knife was available – it’s almost impossible to slice or spread cheese without a cheese knife so adding a few to your cutlery portfolio is essential. Another critical piece of cutlery is the trusty bread knife which can be used to slice bagels, muffins, can and rolls.

Traditional South African cuisine – 5 things to try

Whilst enjoying a relaxing holiday at one of Cape Portfolios villas, one thing you will have plenty of time to do is sample some traditional South African cuisine. Varied and colourful due to the combination of both indigenous and colonial influences, here are five things we think you should try!



South Africa’s national dish is known to have been around since the 17th century and is a mixture of curried meat and dried fruit topped with a delicious creamy egg sauce. You could say it’s reminiscent of the English Shepherd’s Pie, or perhaps the Greek Mousakka, but really the unique mix of spices make it quite deliciously unique.



This cured meat is given its flavour by being soaked in vinegar and spiced with sugar, coriander, salt and pepper. Popular with many South Africans, it is made from various meats including beef, game and even ostrich and is served in strips. Biltong is big business in South Africa and you’re sure to find plenty of places to sample it!


Boerewors and Pap

Pap is a traditional porridge made from ground maize and is eaten for breakfast with milk and sugar, or with a tomato sauce and Boerewors. These spicy sausages are made with various meats and formed in continuous spirals, but the secret to boerewors lies in the ingredients as they are made using only meat with very few ‘fillers’.



This milk tart has a distinct Dutch feel and is made by pouring a mixture of milk, sugar, flour, eggs and cinnamon into a sweet pastry crust. The flavour is different to that of the traditional English egg tart as a greater quantity of milk is used.



These sweet, sticky, syrup-coated doughnuts are twisted or braided like a plait, deep-fried in oil and then coated in cold sugar syrup. The name comes from a Dutch word and literally means ‘cookie’.


South Africa’s colourful cultural heritage delivers a wonderfully broad range of foods – I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

On Nature’s Best and Gerber

My sister-in-law and I were searching the grocery for possible baby food that my nephew will like. We already tried those baby cereals and though he liked them, we still want some variety and bottled baby food seems to be the option we have now. While comparing the fruit flavors of Gerber and Nature’s best, a couple of nurses who were also buying baby foods where discussing where to buy scrubs. They wanted something quirky and chic which seems to be the trend now among many hospital workers. The nurses soon left with applesauce and plum juices. We followed their cue and picked up applesauce baby food as well. Hope my nephew likes this too.

Planning a Daily Menu for the Kids

Having picky kids when it comes to food is truly a frustrating experience for moms. You must always find ways to make your meals interesting and make them taste it to appreciate. Being creative with the menu seems to be a talent that most moms easily develop. But no matter how hard one try there will always be an issue somewhere. So start the week with a meal plan so you can budget your grocery before the week starts. Put nutritious, interesting and kid friendly meals on your priority. I was on this task when the special report on structured annuities came on and wondering about it, lost my focus on foods and the meal plan once again.

Pajama Party Cocktail Sandwiches

Pajama parties are very popular with teenagers and as moms, you understand how much little girls enjoy these time with their gal pals. My daughter recently hosted a pajama party with her closest friends. We talked about this before and decided to arrange her room so that they can just do their stuff there. She helped me prepare cocktail sandwiches made with tuna, chicken and eggs. It’s easy enough to prepare and filling too. We also got thinly sliced baguettes toasted and topped like a pizza. My daughter room has limited space but thanks to flat mounts that her dad installed, we claimed more space for the additional beds.

High School Rock Dinner Theme

Family dinners are such a great affairs for us. We are a big family and every now and then, the family organizes a barbecue or a dinner gathering for everyone to unwind and relax. During these occasions, food and music are the top two considerations for whoever is hosting. Recently, my brother and his wife came up with a high school rock dinner theme for the family gathering and presented us with their Zvex Fuzz Factory for some rocking music plus a great mix of steaks, quarter pounder burgers, corn and the cob and flowing sodas! The kids were all amazed and I think every pair would be thinking of themes to surpass this one, and everyone is really having a great time.

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