Friday, March 30, 2012

Dealing with Kitchen Emergencies with Tap and Die

Have you ever been too busy preparing and cooking then suddenly your equipment breaks? It can be quite frustrating to deal with broken cooking equipment such as the oven or stove and your momentum with cooking is suddenly cut off. In these emergencies, it would be best to have some tap and die ready to help you fix things out and get you back on track of cooking. Keeping these tools handy would greatly benefit home and kitchen repairs especially if your mood for cooking couldn’t be stopped with any breakdowns. Good food should not go sour just because some equipment wouldn’t cooperate!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Healthy Food Choices for the Lenten Season

During Lenten Season, the Catholic world follows age-old traditions and one of them fasting in 40 days. Most observes exercise their faith by doing sacrifices that involves food such as refraining from consuming meat and others that we do like and feast on when the season is over.

Sacrificing our unhealthy food preferences for healthier ones should not only be limited to Lenten season. There are ways you can turn your healthy food choices for the Lenten Season into you preferred ones even without the feeling of sacrificing and fasting.

Lent provides many the excuses to eat healthier – more vegetables and fruits, as opposed to the usual meat and meat products we consume. However, lent should be understood as a time to set your diet right and for you make healthier and this is not really not missing out some food items. Healthy food choices for the Lenten Season can be preferring to less meat and more beans and legumes, more grains such as brown rice, quinoa and rice pasta, less refined sugar and sweets, more fiber, less saturated fats, dairy processed products and eating more organic produce.

Lenten season provides a window for us to exercise our faith through fasting and better food choices. But you can improve your life physically, mentally and spiritually with the grace of God and hopefully continue your healthier preferences even after Lent.

Coffee Break at Dencio's Tagaytay

Right beside the Korean restaurant, there is a company selling second hand items like appliances, furnitures, fixtures like metal switch plates and clothing.

I wanted to take a look but my boss declined our request as we still have to go to Trece Martires, Alfonso and Tagaytay.

Anyway, my day yesterday was basically full! But not about my usual routine in the office but about eating out and driving around. When we reached Tagaytay, we rested at Dencio's for a short coffee break.


Still mesmerize by the beauty of the place, thus, I can't leave the place without posing with the famous Taal Volcano in the background.

Cold Bibim Guksu at Dae Jang Gum Korean Restaurant In Cavite

We went to Trece Martires, Cavite yesterday to look for a 6,500 square meters property. My boss is interested to look at a lot for possible conversion to warehouse and farm. He loves animals as a matter of fact, in the industrial compound that we are currently renting now, he has potbelly pigs, goats, chickens and dogs.

Anyway, on our way to the property, we dropped at Dae Jang Gum Korean Restaurant. As usual, we were immediately offered the usual appetizers:


Appetizers in small portions are offered in most Korean Restaurants for free. The moment, you require extra portions, some would charge for a fee while others still give for free. These foods have to be eaten prior to the serving of our main course.

For today, we wanted to try their cold noodles. Yes, cold! Meaning, it is served with ice even! I choose this yummy Bibim Guksu at Php 230.00/serving (USD 5.00). By its appearance - you can say its Spicy!


The restaurant is in CEPZA Bacao Diversion Road, General Trias, Cavite, very near King Bee Restaurant. The restaurant mostly served the Koreans from the CEPZA. They also offer free wifi internet and even through network cable.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pizza Hut Delivery Numbers

After I woke up this afternoon, I feel hungry and wants to eat something. Unfortunately, Ate is not around as she has to attend the graduation of her daughter in Cagayan De Oro. So I have no choice but to order online.

Anyway, I haven't eaten pizza from Pizza Hut for quite a long time thus, to reward my kids and hubby who are practicing the farewell address of my son, I ordered a Buy 1 Take 1 Promo from Pizza Hut for only Php 499.00.

Now, while waiting for the delivery, I have a chance to blog about our order taking! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

High Quality Ink Cartridges

Tn450 ink cartridges and tn650 cartridges are outstanding and efficient high grade level ink cartridges. Whether you operate a printer in your home or have to use a high grade industrial printer at work, both printers can benefit from getting the correct ink cartridges. Using HP printer products saves you both time and paper. One time I was reporting for work, doing business as usual and had a very large office report to print out. The ink wasn't quite completely doing its job, meaning it would be spurting out a few lines and then just completely skip over a few more. Obviously, whether in a professional environment or not, this is not appropriate behavior for a printer. We found out that the last person responsible for replacing the ink cartridges ended up buying them off Ebay and got a bit ripped off. Although I'm all for saving money, I would agree with my coworkers that when it comes to office materials we should be expected to splurge just to keep productivity up. Now I was left with a horribly done quarter report and a deadline steadily approaching. Luckily I easily was able to look up the model number and find the correct printer cartridges that were of enough quality and were still affordable. So after looking at what both Canon and HP, I decided to go with the HP ink cartridges offered. This was due to the fact that I had prior experience with the company and was familiar with both their technology and their great customer service. Needless to say after making the much need switch, the printer was working perfect again and everyone in the office was thankful that I actually knew what I was doing. I think that the next time anything needs to be done in the public office, people will just ask me next time. I have no problem with that because it just improves my status and makes my work easier.

Popcorn Factory Coupons

Sweets, pastries and even popcorn can be the sweetest treats to someone who had done a great job at school, at work and on any other occasions. Most of us can truly appreciate a box of candies, cookies as well as flavored popcorn given as gifts on special occasions. If you can’t come up with possible giveaways or gifts for your loved ones on their special day, or on any ordinary day, start searching for the Popcorn Factory coupon codes and avail of some of the best discounts on the Popcorn Factory products.

The Popcorn Factory became quite popular for their gourmet popcorn flavor and producing simple snacks that are deliciously awesome. Sometimes, ordering popcorn from online stores can leave you worrying over their freshness and might come in tasting stale and old. But Popcorn Factory lives up to their promise of quality products by providing you with tightly sealed tins and box to preserve the freshness. You’d be surprised that your leftover popcorn stays fresh after a few days if you keep the tin tightly closed.

Popcorn is a snack that would always stay. They’re great for movies, parties and bonding time. Whatever occasions you have, your kids and loved ones will surely love popcorn products as well as gift baskets from the Popcorn Factory. So if you see an event or a special occasion coming up – Christmas, graduation or Valentine’s, it’s best to start looking for Popcorn Factory coupons and get those discount coupon codes for sweet products to give away. You may check out for some great discount coupons to use with the Popcorn Factory. They have so many products choices that you can choose from – popcorn tins, gift baskets, samplers and fun gifts! Your boss, teacher, relatives and your friends will surely love receiving something sweet and tasty.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free Goodies from a Happy Customer

Some of our customers are really kind. They would always bring some goodies as pasalubong. The sales staffs are the front-people so they are the one who has a direct contact to customers. And because, we always choose a friendly staff, customers like them and in return, they are always given a small token.

Today, we received rice cake or locally called "puto" from Liza's Assorted Goodies of San Vicente, Binan, Laguna.


This is highly recommendable. Here at Taste Matters, we only recommend food that is really yummy!

Liza's Assorted Goodies
San Vicente, Binan, Laguna
Cellphone No: 0927 615 5548

Maintain a Healthy Regimen

Who does not love his or her own self? That is actually the default of human nature. Oftentimes, though, loving one's self is being misunderstood as getting all the good feeling in terms of good taste, fun night and outrageous happenings. Like, eating junk food tastes real good and it gives a really good feeling when you have eaten so much of it. Having a wild party with unlimited booze at the wee hours of the night is really fun for many. Is it loving your body when you are actually destroying it with poison? Before it's too late you should be thinking of a healthy regimen and start getting addicted to healthy food.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Watch the Food You Eat

There are people who have oily skin and if nothing is done about it, it looks gross and tends to shun other people away. Such people should always bring something to wipe off the oil so as not to unnecessarily get negative attention. Sometimes the food that they eat causes their faces to be oily. If it is already in their genes and they still eat oily foods then it will be too much. They can instead change their diet and try seaclear to manage the excess excretion of oil. While this problem exists more on teens, adults are not exempt.

Food Processing Business

If you want to go into business, having it connected with food is one sure way to be successful because food is needed by anyone alive. It is sure as the rising sun to succeed unless what you are selling is rotten or not fit to eat. It is important that your area is clean. Proper hygiened is a must. Water should always be available. If your factory is located in a place where water is not readily available you should do something about it like have one of the water pumps at so that you are sure to have clean water any time it is needed

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Food Storage While On Motorbike

When riding a motorbike, having any extra baggage that you have other than what you have on your body, is a hassle. Some bikes have a storage compartment but usually that is for tools and other important stuff that you make sure will not get lost or ruined especially when it rains. As a bike rider it is not always convenient to stop by a fastfood to eat. When you buy food, it is usually faster than what fastfoods offer. More like what can be bought from a grocery store, pop open and eat. If you have one of those Olympia Motorcycle Jackets with spacious pockets to carry your stuff, that is the best. You can even reach out from time to time and eat while driving.
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