Friday, July 29, 2011

Healthy Homemade Soups

In this day and age it can be hard to eat healthy. With your busy schedule, especially if you have children, many people find it easier to grab whatever is available and the quickest and deal with the health consequences later. With the following tips for soups you’ll learn how to make sure that the food you grab is of the healthy variety.

Soup is tasty, filling, and good for you anytime. There are hot soups and believe it or not even cold soups. Many of the warm soups are even good eaten cold or lukewarm.

First, choose your favorite soup. A popular choice of many is the infamous chicken noodle soup. There’s nothing better when you are under the weather than the warm chicken broth soothing your throat.

Preparing your own soup creations at home is the best way to go. No matter which type of soup you choose to make, be sure to use fresh ingredients. The other items you’ll need are plenty of cups with lids and a blender. A good soup always starts with the stock. For chicken soup, make the broth by boiling the remains of the chicken you had for dinner. Add the herbs and seasonings of your choice and boil until the chicken bones come out clean. Any remaining meat will be included in the broth. Once the broth cools completely, ladle it into air-tight jars or containers for storing.

If you’re more of a beef and vegetable soup lover, you can use commercial canned broths or bouillon cubes for the base of your soup. Season the stock really well and boil before adding any other ingredients. Once the stock is ready, all that is left to do is toss in your favorite veggies. Again, wait until the soup is completely cooled before pouring into storage or serving containers. Then eat it and if there is some leftovers - freeze it.

So whenever you want soup, just get it from the fridge and reheat it.. As I said earlier, it could be hot or cold whichever you like best.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Practical Barbecue Recipe Book

I am beginning to love to have day off from office work on a Friday as I can be a normal mom on that day. Checking their assignment on Thursday night, fixing them before going to school, and picking them up after class.

I picked up the boys yesterday and was happy that it is their Book Month and there are quite a few book sellers in the school. I bought several kids story book and coloring book for my little princess. Then I also bought some recipe books at super cheap price. One of the book is this Practical Barbecue at Php 35.00 each. Cool!

This collection features a fascinating range of barbecue recipes that can be easily be prepared outside in the open air. Exciting new recipes are introduced, as well as a selection of traditional family favorites to tempt every palate. There is nothing like barbecuing your food on a warm evening and enjoying the smoky flavors in the great outdoors!

In the photo: Tangy Pork Fillet and Tequila Chicken Wings

In the photo: Colourful Kebabs and Garlic Potato Wedges

I was happy buying these on a bargain. Hubby will surely be happy as he likes to eat something grilled and barbecued. All the recipes are easy to follow with clear, step-by-step instructions and photographs and use wonderfully fresh ingredients, with the emphasis on flavor and visual appeal.

Here are complete list of the recipe:

  1. Lamb on Rosemary Skewers

  2. Boozy Beef Steaks

  3. Beef, Tomato & Olive Kebabs

  4. Beef Satay

  5. Thai-style Burgers

  6. Bacon & Scallop Skewers

  7. Tangy Pork Fillet

  8. Tequila Chicken Wings

  9. Indian Charred Chicken

  10. Lemon Chicken Skewers

  11. Turkey with Cheese Pockets

  12. Filipino Chicken

  13. Duck with Pineapple Salsa

  14. Chargrilled Scallop

  15. Herb & Garlic Prawns

  16. Mixed Seafood Brochettes

  17. Stuffed Mackerel

  18. Mediterranean Sardines

  19. Barbecued Monkfish

  20. Lemon Herrings

  21. Fragrant Tuna Steaks

  22. Vegetarian Sausages

  23. Colorful Kebabs

  24. Garlic Potato Wedges

  25. Spiced Pilau with Saffron

  26. Stuffed Apples

  27. Barbecued Bananas

Sounds good to me! I am excited to cook  one of this.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Royal K Buffet Closed?

A friend of mine visited us yesterday and after sending them at Mall of Asia to meet up with their other friends, we dropped by at McDonalds to buy happy meals and burgers for the yaya.

Afterwhich, we decided to eat at Yakimix for dinner. We were happy to get the nearest parking. At Yakimix, there were 4 groups ahead of us and after waiting for 15 minutes of waiting and cant wait any longer - we decided to leave and eat at Royal K Buffet at Bluewave. I bought 2 vouchers from eBay Kuponan months ago for a buffet meal.

Hubby parked and off we searched for the restaurant. Then got a surprise of my life!! Royal K Buffet is closed????

Holy smoke! Holy Cow! How can it be?

What happen to the coupon which I bought before? For the bin?

Royal K Buffet - I tried to call your number and unreachable! What a joke?!

I will surely raise this issue with eBay Kuponan. After all, its their responsibility as they are in principle the seller.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chicken Feet Adobo

Its Monday and I knew I missed two food memes in row. And so I am making up for this one. My entry for this week is my favorite chicken feet adobo. I started eating chicken feet from the chinese food. Then my mom cooked chicken feet adobo, the rest is history.

I seldom eat this as hubby doesn't buy this in the market. But when I can come along, he simply cannot stop me. When I am stress and want to splurge myself with food, I better eat this than lechon. Whatchasay?

Have you tried this? Masarap eto.. try mo!



Friday, July 15, 2011

Fried Fish On The Table

I am not really hungry but I have to eat because its a little bit late.. oh well, its 8:52 PM not somehow quite late for dinner. If I eat so late, I would be able to burn the food so I will sleep with a heavy tummy. Not really good.

My hubby is really fond of fish. He always likes to eat fish with malunggay with matching friend fish. In a weeks budget, he eat that at least 3 times during dinner. Why dinner only? Because in the morning, we normally eat the simple breakfast food, then lunch in the office or in a restaurant, so dinner we want to light and a home-cooked meal.
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