Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grilled Fish For Dinner

The fish kill story in Batangas and other provinces was catastrophic, not only to the businessman but also the fisherman. We as a consumer, were also afraid of buying milkfish or bangus and tilapia.

But just before the fish kill tragedy, we cooked a grilled milkfish for dinner with stuffing of our favorite tomatoes and onions.. made our dinner a sumptuous meal!


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweet and Sour Pork

Every time we dine at a Chinese Restaurant, sweet and sour pork is always present in the menu and also always present whenever we order. The combination of sweet and sour taste makes this viand popular.


I must admit, I already forgot where we eat when I took this photo. Maybe at Noodle Park or in Savory Restaurant.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Craving for Shrimp Salad

The kids are still out. I am a little hungry now. I didn't eat the instant noodles which I prepared earlier for hubby.

I am currently cleaning up my hard drive for not-so-important photos and I saw this shrimp salad which was served on the business class section of Philippine Airlines from Qatar to Manila - our stop over from Berlin.

I am craving for this shrimp salad now. And really, makes me even more hungry while uploading the file. I guess I have to search some left over foods in the refrigerator now to reheat.


Sunday On Our Own

Sunday is a family day. But today is something different, the kids went out with Ate Beng and Ate Weng - my trusted househelpers. Francis is invited by his classmate for a birthday party at Toms World. The other kids were tagged along, but not to gate crash the party - but to play on their own at Toms World.

Gate crashing is a big No! No.! Imagine, Francis is invited alone but parents (like me) would always assume that he comes with both parents or yaya + parent or just one either 1 parent or yaya. Then comes the team of Francis - a total of 5 headcounts. lol.. It will be embarassing! Though I am not there but its simple etiquette.

Our Sunday is completely on our own. Hubby requested to cook for instant noodles - the Korean version. Upon checking the pantry, we dont have anymore so I just cook Lucky Me instant noodles and just added extra spice.

That will be our food for lunch - an instant noodles for an instant lunch!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Affordable Food Deals

Group buying is getting popular nowadays. There are so many companies vying to be number 1. I became a member of Buyanihan first, then Ensogo came, Metrodeals, Wowdeals, Pakyaw, even eBay Philippines has something like this.

I first bought a buffet dinner/lunch at Royal K Buffet at Blue Wave for like Php 199.00 if I am not mistaken. I bought it a couple of months ago and up to now, it is still a voucher, I haven't been there yet. I hope that soon, I could take hubby there so I can take a photo and most importantly review the restaurant and eBay.

The other day, I was watching a lot of very tempting deals in the net, mostly on food. But ended buying 3 vouchers for the kids for unlimited play for Php 175.00 at Active Fun - SM North Edsa. This comes with Soyami Soya Chips, drinks and ice cream. Cheap? Or is it cheap? Sounds good to me. I haven't told my kids yet, better not! Otherwise they will pester me until I give in.

There was an offer that is so delicious, that I almost press the Buy Now portion. Luckily the side of my brain said "NO! You have to buy your son a new sets of uniform." Luckily!

Loving Indonesian Food

Early this year, we went to Surabaya to visit a friend at the same time offer our products for their Indonesian market. We were introduced to another guy who seems to be well aversed with stickers - all kinds of self adhesives paper and films. We offered him our products at the same time, learned about different kinds of stickers.

We were in this restaurant which serves mostly cakes or kakanin in our Filipino dialect.

Anyway, Indonesian foods are mostly cooked with coconut milk. There is a distinct aroma, but when you taste it, its taste so spicy, sometimes sweet.. but it tastes good. I will feature some of the photos taken while we were having dinner. I still have to dig it out from my archives.

Its funny, I know a lot of you find it funny even my boss and friends are laughing about me, but when you are a blogger, you have to document all your actions, foods, travels, everything.. so you have something to blog about.

For now, delight yourself with this pinkish, strawberry flavored cake. It looks good, but taste even better.

At the end of every meal, you ask yourself, is it worth it? Oh yes, taste matters!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lazy Sunday

We have a lazy Sunday today. As usual, I try to free my Sunday as much as I can. I just want to lay down, rest and be happy in the company of my kids and hubby. I know the boys want to go out, we do if its needed and if we want to please them or promised something.. but otherwise, staying at home with them is just as good.

We had squid for lunch. The kids love adobong squid as well as hubby but not me. I can eat but not really liked. The daughter of one of our helper came to visit her mom, so we bought extra litson manok and pork liempo at Baliwag.
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